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Beginner Topic: Generators

Generators can be a huge help if you need electricity, but they can be an investment.

Not only do they require precious space, but they also require maintenance and often to be checked on while running.

Job Site / Contractor generators

These units often provide the highest output per cost. Some units can run up to 10,000 (over 50amps) watts exceeding what the largest size RV's would require, they have taken many cost savings measures. By using mostly generic general use components, the generators are often somewhat inefficient. This inefficiency causes them to waste energy in the form of heat and most trouble some excess sound, this excess waste causes two problems.

Pros: Inexpensive
Pros: Easy to find
Pros: High power output

Cons: "dirty power"
Cons: Heavy
Cons: Loud

Inverter Generator / Suitcase Generators

These are often what most campers find to be the best solution for their power requirements. While most camp sites provide 30 or 50 amp service, users aware of their power users can easily get by on 15 amps. Many entry level inverter generators are in the 15 to 25 amp range. While they still require maintenance - purpose built parts and repair manuals are available for name brand machines.

Pros: "Clean power"
Pros: Light
Pros: Quite

Cons: Expensive
Cons: Less power output
Cons: Harder to service